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Nagel Bagel

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"pequeño ser que muerde para mostrar afecto y vive del cariño"

Affectionate. Lucky. Slightly bipolar. Creative. Sugar-happy. Hugger. Open-minded. Clumsy. Messy. Learning.

<3: Love. Smiles. ART!. Mythology. Music. New-ness. Shiny. Sugar. Laughter. Sushi. Cartoons. Comics. Video Games. Charcoal. Violet. Cats. Puppies. Niluchi ♥.
<\3: Prejudices. Loneliness. Pickles. Spiders. Pain. Hungry. Sad. Angry. Powerless-ness.

Current Obsessions:

Current Playlist:

Please go here for a complete list of my current music! (it was too big to list here) and download links to some of the songs, too :3 [EDIT 2009: this list has been outdated by like... a year... but I'm waaay to lazy to fix it :D]

Current Projects:

Title: Complete Career!
Status: in process
Starting Date: Sring 2009
Description: currently enrolled in SCAD!!

Title: Terra
Status: Complete / In DevelopmentHIATUS
Starting Date: around July '03
Description: I've recently repossessed the project, and will be working on it periodically as my hone my mad skillz (lol.) All communities and character journals have either been lost in the past few years, and those that remain I have no idea how to access so most of the work will be off-line.

Title: Misc. Stories
Status: Aimless wandering
Starting Date: 2009
Description: namely Warlock Wars and The Red Witch Project. Mostly to keep me sane.

-As of now my time is dedicated almost 100% to project #1 lol and my pokemnaz :3


X-Japan is the Original Love

Forever Love
hide is forever pink love

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"But I've heard your butterfly spreads its wings for anybody"

Little Vocalists luff
Little vocalists are teh <3

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Lj layouts:
Ver. 1.0 = Boogiepop [!]
Ver. 1.5 = Boogiepop's Lore
Ver. 2.0 = Disgaea Madness [!]
Ver. 2.5 = Disgaea Madness II [!]
Ver. 3.0 = Kaori Yuki's Rosiel [!] [Current]
Ver. 4.0 = spiralbound_lj's Chaz [!]
Ver. 5.0 = Happy Holidays! [!]